This article introduces the status quo of consumer credit business in China's agricultural bank, indicating that the scale of China's consumer credit business is expanded year by year; the growth of consumer credit business slows down; housing loans grow rapidly. We analyze issues concerning development of consumer credit business in agricultural bank as follows: single variety of consumer credit business makes the operating scope narrow; the formality of consumer credit business is trivial, abating consumers' will to borrow; consumers' consumer attitudes are stale, yet to be further changed; the loan interest of consumer credit is beyond the majority of consumers' actual ability to pay; the existing regulations and systems are not sound; the risk prevention mechanism is not perfect. Based on this, we put forward the following countermeasures and proposals for further improving consumer credit business in China's agricultural bank: first, formulate reasonable marketing strategy of consumer credit business; second, establish and improve the internal management mechanism; third, establish and improve risk assessment system; fourth, improve consumer credit legal system.


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