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Relying on the statistics, the property income status of Jiangsu Province is expounded,. In the first place, farmers’ property income takes a low proportion to the total income for its small cardinal number; in the second place, although farmers’ property income has increased continuously, the growth fluctuates; in the third place, the growth tempo of farmers’ property income is faster than the growth tempo of net income; in the fourth place, per capita property income of farmers’ is obviously lower than that of urban residents. The reasons that affect the property income of farmers’ in Jiangsu Province are analyzed, which cover low income level of rural residents, imperfect land system, imperfect rural financial system, imperfect rural housing system and imperfect rural social security system. On the basis of the above analysis, the targeted measures on improving the property income of farmers’ in Jiangsu Province are put forward. Firstly, the government should improve farmers’ income and lay solid foundation for property income; secondly, the government should clarify land property rights and explore the land transfer situation; thirdly, the government should accelerate rural financial system reform and perfect rural financial system; fourthly, the government should vigorously the transfer of houses in rural collective residents and perfect rural housing rent market; fifthly, the government should promote the reform of rural social security system and solve farmers’ worries.


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