The objective of this work is to present this research conducted in the Group Unión fuel area, is to show an example about how the construction of the knowledge occurs in the north-central region of the state of Sinaloa, and in addition, to document a case study with empirical references that fortify the discipline of administration of businesses in the regional context and the FAADER mainly. The theoretical frame was constructed from the eclectic perspective of the management's studies of the knowledge, the administrative theory, the based on resources and capacities theory, and the basic conceptual theory of intellectual capital, as a guide for this case, as well as theory of organizational behavior. For the accomplishment of the empirical study, a qualitative-quantitative methodology was used, supported by some techniques of data summary proven in the scope of scientific research. The technique of observation was used initially and later the interview was done where thirty percent of the members participated in expressing their experiences within the service units. In addition, access to some documents used in the administration of the same was provided. The results show that the key aspects found adhered to the service's philosophy, and have created success to a large extent. They are: the efficiency of the human capital in the workplace. Also, the value of the tactical plan for marketing research, the established collaborations and enterprise alliances with other organizations currently in the field that helps to project the image and to present a good impression with the clients.


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