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000130890 246__ $$aMilk sheep production as an agribusiness alternative: Model of production in Castilla y Leon (Spain)
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000130890 520__ $$aInside the fresh milk business, worldwide, milk sheep is the one that has less participation,
lower than the cows and buffaloes. Still, in some regions like Castilla y León in Spain, the milk
sheep production has a great economic importance, because it presents a production model and
an advanced agroindustrial and besides, is an important alternative livestock business in
disadvantaged rural areas. In this paper, it is described the milk sheep production from a global
and national point-view. Also it is analyzed the milk sheep production in Castilla y León,
Spain's biggest producing region, for it production systems and cooperation systems are
described and there are also provided strategies and studies related to profitability in dairy
sheep farms.
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