By the survey of consumers' behaviour of purchasing fresh fruits, this paper researches the group characteristics of people who consume traceable fresh fruits, and analyses the main factors influencing consumers' willingness to purchase. Based on this, corresponding proposals are put forward as follows, first, the government should not only focus on supervision and regulation over food security, but also strengthen the education of food security knowledge, publicity and promotion of traceable system; second, the government and related enterprise should particularly pay attention to the impact of consumers' individual characteristics on willingness to purchase and purchase behaviour, and work out feasible strategy of traceable food marketing, according to consumers' preferences, consumers' attention to health, consumers' attention to the healthy growth of children and other factors; finally, when implementing the system, the state and the government should take into full account the average income level of consumers, give full play to the effect of scale merit, and work out the reasonable price that can be accepted by most of consumers.


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