This work presents a summary of information about climate change observed in Uruguay and the region and possible future scenarios. This information is based primarily on studies conducted and recently completed (2005-2009) in the country, in the framework of the program "Assessment of Impacts and Adaptation to Climate Change" (AIACC-START, TWAS, GEF) ( AIACC, 2006), in the "Statistical Analysis of the Climate and Development and Evaluation of Climate and Hydrological Scenarios of Major Watersheds of Uruguay and the Coastal Zone" (Climate Change Unit of DINAMA MVOTMA of Uruguay, UNDP, GEF, 2005), in the study "Identification of Potential Impacts of Climate Change in the Production of Natural Pastures and Rice in Uruguay" (UNDP, URU/ 05/G32-252, Climate Change Unit of DINAMA MVOTMA of Uruguay, GRAS Unit of the INIA, 2008) and in the project "Vulnerability The Climate Change on agricultural production systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: Developing Responses and Strategies" (World Bank, Cornell University, GRAS Unit of INIA, 2009).


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