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From adjusting industrial structure, strengthening industrial guidance and promoting industrial cluster, this paper puts forward the industrial countermeasures for regional economic development in Central China in post-financial-crisis era as follows. In terms of industrial structure adjustment, we should optimize the structure of agricultural production, and form agricultural industrialization operation; propel upgrading of industrial structure, and promote the concentration of industry; improve the development of service industry, and meet the diversified needs of consumers. In terms of industrial guidance, we should give priority to the development of leading industries, and foster leading enterprises; develop hi-tech industry rapidly. and cultivate new industrialization technology base in the central region. In terms of industrial cluster. We should strengthen government guidance, and create good policy environment for the development of industrial cluster; foster core enterprises, and promote spontaneous establishment of trade association or chamber of commerce; establish hi-tech industrial cluster, and further improve the cooperative mechanism of ' production, teaching and research"


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