This paper reports on a pilot project to map the aged care industry in the Bathurst region of Central West New South Wales. The purpose of the project is to inform the future efforts of government, community based providers (CBPs) and private agencies in the sustainable development of the aged care industry. Early data suggest that the fragmented industry structure of CBPs, funded through asynchronous, disjointed state and federal funding programs, will be unable to respond to the increased demand for aged care services during the next decade. Initial findings also suggest that market tensions between CBPs and commercial providers will increase as they engage in competitive tendering for federal and state funding, and directly compete for scarce labour in a tight regional labour market. This paper explores these issues through a case study of a regional city (Bathurst), a nearby regional town (Blayney) and a rural village (Wattle Flat). The study draws on: interviews with community based service providers, commercial providers, seniors‘ organisations, and local, state and federal government agencies; and, focus groups with seniors (aged 60+ years) in each of the localities.


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