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This paper is meant to share results with the academic community, specialists and agricultural management experts, this results are related to the Project “Análisis y Propuestas para el Desarrollo Organizacional de la Integradora de la Frontera Sur, S.A. de C.V.” (Analysis and proposals for the Organization Development of Integradora de la Frontera Sur, S.A. de C.V.). This project was sponsored by Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas and by Campesinos Unidos de Comitán, which is a private association of producers. This borderland is located in southern Mexico in the State of Chiapas and specifically in the municipalities of Tzimol, La Trinitaria, Comitán y La Independencia, where the producers organization has its own greenhouses and commercialization places. The project focused on analysing and studying the specific business activities that some companies develop in order to generate business management knowledge. There were involved activities related to research, teaching and entailment. This means; research activity was of main interest, but the team also promoted teaching and entailment activities. In this sense, the general objective, which guided the work, it was analyzed the management status of La Integradora de la Frontera Sur, S.A. de C.V. This analysis took place in the light of the theories related to Business Administration to generate tangible proposals to improve it. Particular objectives were to propose specific management strategies and to develop a short training program. The scheme of work was raised from the participant focus; this means the owners were given a relevant participant role during the process. This way they could promote and include their point of view regarding tangible proposals. This is relevant in the light of the actor oriented development theory. In the process of diagnosis, the company defined as a priority for the current stage of its organizational development topics regarding human resources (especially about new personnel), control sales and advertising their products. This document focuses on the two first topics that have been developed at this point of the first stage of the research work.


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