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Under the background of new village construction, the necessity of remodeling the supply mechanism of rural public service is expounded. It is conducive to improving the capability of public service to satisfy farmers' demand; to constructing a rural diversified public service system and improving the supply efficiency of rural public goods; to realizing the equalization of urban-rural public service to coordinate urban-rural development. Problems in the supply of Chinese rural public services are ana1yred: the demand of rural public goods is enormous, governmental fiscal expenditure is insufficient; social organization is imperfect and public service capability is weak; urban-rural gap is large and the supply of public service is unequal; the system of rural public service is single and the functions are imperfect; the market degree of rural public service is low and the efficiency needs improving. In view of these problems, the strategies for remodeling the supply mechanism of rural public service are put forward, covering intensifying the input intensity of the government, expanding the coverage of public service; vigorously supporting the development of social organization and improving its capability of public goods; breaking through dual system and realizing the equalization of urban- rural public service; perfecting rural diversified public services and perfecting its public service functions; promoting the market progress of rural public service and improving the efficiency of public service.


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