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000118537 245__ $$aFactors influencing adoption of conservation tillage in Australian cropping regions
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000118537 520__ $$aThe purpose of this research is to improve understanding of conservation tillage
adoption decisions by identifying key biophysical and socio-economic factors
influencing no-till adoption by grain growers across four Australian cropping regions.
The study is based on interviews with 384 grain growers using a questionnaire aimed
at eliciting perceptions relating to a range of possible long- and short-term agronomic
interactions associated with the relative economic advantage of shifting to a no-tillage
cropping system. Together with other farm and farmer-specific variables, a dichotomous
logistic regression analysis was used to identify opportunities for research and
extension to facilitate more rapid adoption decisions. The broader systems approach
to considering conservation tillage adoption identified important determinants of
adoption not associated with soil conservation and erosion prevention benefits. Most
growers recognised the erosion-reducing benefits of no-till but it was not an important
factor in explaining whether a grower was an adopter or non-adopter. Perceptions
associated with shorter-term crop production benefits under no-till, such as the
relative effectiveness of pre-emergent herbicides and the ability to sow crops earlier on
less rainfall were influential. Employment of a consultant and increased attendance of
cropping extension activities were strongly associated with no-till adoption, confirming
the information and learning-intensive nature of adopting no-till cropping systems.
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