Rural public service is the services prodded to rural residents to fulfill the needs of agricultural production, development of rural economy and improvement of peasant’s living standard. Improving rural public service system is good for promoting the development of rural economy, enhancing the quality of peasant’s living standard, narrowing the gap between rural and urban areas and constructing socialistic harmonious society. Currently, our rural power grid construction can meet the essential needs of economic and social development in rural areas. Rural water conservancy structure also fulfills the needs of agricultural production and peasant’s life. Rural traffic condition has an obvious improvement. Education, culture, medical care and other public services all have a general enhancement. However, comparing to the city, rural public service system still exists some problems including imperfect infrastructures, low-quality education and medical treatment, low-level living environment and so on. Therefore, It is needed to establish a long-acting system of rural public service to boost the reform of rural basic education, improve the facilities of rural medical treatment, promote the reform of rural cooperative medical service, enhance the management of rural governance and improve me quality of rural life and environment.


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