On the basis of defining the concept of rural public product supply, the weaknesses of the supply mechanism of rural public product are analyzed. The shortages of rural public product supply lead to the difficult ties in developing agriculture and rural economy; enriching farmers and narrowing the urban and rural income gap. Problems in rural public product supply are further analyzed. Firstly, the national finance used in agriculture is low. Secondly, farmers are not separated from decision system and the beneficiaries separate from the decision-makers. Thirdly, farmers are not fully treated as civilians. Fourthly, rural areas lack the selection and supervision mechanism of public product. The ideas and countermeasures on perfecting rural public product are put forward from the perspective of main beneficiaries. The supply of rural public product should take intensifying the self development capability of farmers as core; farmers should actively participate in the making the rural public product decision and fight for their right to say. Farmers should unit together through organizations to improve the organizational level. Farmers should actively participate in trainings on them and try to get the updated information from me local government. The village collective should protect me supply of rural public product.


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