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This paper introduces seasonal characteristic, scattered characteristic and diversified characteristic of rural logistics in China, developing rural logistics is significant to increasing farmers' income, promoting life quality, reducing cost of agricultural products, increasing job opportunities and quickening the process of urbanization. This paper also analyzes the Status quo and existing problems of China's rural logistics as follows. China's rural logistics, with late start and great logistics aggregate, develops rapidly; the main body of rural logistics has a trend of diversification; the informatization develops rapidly. But there are some problems, for example, the infrastructure of rural logistics is backward; the informatization level is low; the development degree of main body of market is low; there is a shortage of talents; the technological level is low. The countermeasures are p a forward to promote the development of rural logistics in China as follows: strengthen infrastructure construction of rural logistics in China; reinforce the construction of rural informatization; foster me main body of market of rural logistics in China; vigorously foster talents of modern rural logistics; promote technological level of rural logistics.


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