The status quo of Chinese agro-products logistics is analyzed from the following five aspects: the circulation mode, exchange mode, storage and transportation situation, food security. The following problems in Chinese agro-products logistics are pointed out, including excessive circulation sections, bad time efficiency, single payment, slow circulation, backward information processing, obvious bullwhip effect, low logistics efficiency, low logistics technology, inadequate professional equipments, low standardization degree, organized operation mode and low degree of scale. The third-party logistics mode of agro-products is analyzed and the advantages of the mode are analyzed as well. Firstly, establishing information network through integrating circulation section to accelerate the circulation of agro-products; secondly, making the operation norms by providing professional equipments to secure the quality of agricultural products; thirdly, improving the core competitiveness of the whole logistics chain by intensifying specialized work division in each section of the supply chain; fourthly, through forming scale economy to reduce logistics costs and increase the diversity of products; fifthly, through signing contracts to clarify duties and responsibilities and materialize the profit integration of the supply chain. The measures for establishing the third-party logistics of agro-products are put forward, including establish the awareness and concept of socialized logistics services ; intensify the support on the third-party logistics enterprises of agro-products ; lay stress on the cultivation of logistics talents of agro-products; and vigorously apply the modern marketing means.


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