This paper emphasizes the urgency of solving the problems of farmers' employment under the condition of land transfer, indicating that solving the problems of farmers' employment is the necessary requirement of land transfer, the actual requirement of constructing well-off society comprehensively, and the objective requirement of transforming developmental model. The characteristics of the problems of farmers' employment under the condition of land transfer are as follows: the rural surplus labor forces increase, and the ubiquitous unemployment is urgent; the employment room of farmers is narrow, and me structural unemployment is serious; the ability of farmers' employment is poor, and recessive unemployment has a large proportion; the situation of farmers' employment is not so sanguine, and the policy unemployment is frequent. This paper points out me causes of farmers' employment problems under the situation of land transfer as follows, in terms of analysis of subjective factors, farmers' self-employment ability is yet to be underpinned; in terms of analysis of objective factors, the relevant mechanism of government is unsound. Finally, corresponding countermeasures and suggestions are put forward as follows: establish the mechanism of farmer traceability analysis under the condition of land transfer; strengthen the training of farmers' &ills; reinforce the publicity and education of farmers' employment concept; promote the process of urbanization and construct the employment vehicle of farmers; adjust the industrial structure in rural areas and expand the internal employment in rural areas; improve macro regulation and improve the employment environment for farmers.


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