The human capital of all company, is the most valuable asset, to operate and to achieve the success of all organization, this work has the purpose of obtain a diagnosis of the human capital in a company of the agritechnological sector denominated Dairy Processor of “Three Marias” S. of R.L. MI, founded in the information, that allow to identify the opportunities for the improvement of the company, development, growth and innovation. The personnel of the company is integrated by simple and humble personnel, compromised with they work and their family. The present work allowed to demonstrate that the agritechnological companies are developed in an integral way, and also that they need to technify their activities, to organize in order to obtain majors achievements and to lower the production costs. For which they require enabled personnel that unifies efforts to make possible the plans and projects of the organization and as a consequence a sufficient margin of gains. Nevertheless, it is impossible that the General Director takes care of all the functional areas of the company (Administration, Human Capital, Production and Marketing), as indicates the diagnosis study where a small company realizes multiples tasks and generate products of quality with a few capital human, nevertheless, is necessary to define the profile and the functions who each position requires, that is in charge of all the processes involved in the decision making about the personnel, obtaining with this an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of his personnel.


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