Based on the analysis of the indices of RCA and TSC of agricultural products in China, according to China Statistical Yearbook, China Rural Statistical Yearbook and data from database of The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations from 1996 to 2009, We select direct influencing factors and indirect influencing factors as reference as series of numbers, regard indices of RCA and TSC as index series of numbers of evaluation, and use grey correlation analysis method to conduct analysis and evaluation on influencing factors of trade competitiveness of China’s agricultural products. The results show that due to different index calculation methods, the sequencing results of all factors are not wholly the same. But on the whole, in terms of transformation from cost advantage and price advantage into competition advantage, the ability of direct factors is strong, impacting significantly trade competitiveness of China’s agricultural products, while the influencing effect of indirect factors is relatively weak. On the basis of this, we put forward the suggestions in order to improve trade competitiveness of China’s agricultural products as follows: firstly, we should strengthen and perfect agricultural agriculture-support policy; secondly, we should promote foreign merchants’ direct investment level in agriculture; thirdly, we should deepen the processing ability of agricultural products and promote quality of agricultural products; fourthly, we should create good trade environment.


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