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On the basis of summarizing some literatures regarding research of agricultural production efficiency by using DEA at home, we conduct empirical analysis on agricultural production efficiency in 18 cities or counties of Hainan Province in the year 2002, 2005 and 2008 by using DEA model. The results show that in 2005 Hainan Province suffered from unusual drought and windstorm, which made the effective value of agricultural production in all cities or counties relatively low; the regions with DEA effectiveness of agricultural production in the year 2002, 2005 and 2008 were Qionghai City, Tunchang County, Lingao County, Danzhou City, Qiongzhong County and Baisha County. Haikou City, Wuzhishan City and Baoting County in the year 2002, Lingshui County in the year 2005 and Sanya City and Dongfang City in the year 2008 were also regions with DEA effectiveness, indicating that the input-output of these regions in the corresponding years is in optimal state. Finally, we conduct projection analysis on six cities and counties with non-DEA effectiveness in the year 2008 in Hainan Province, and based on this, find out the approach of improving agricultural production efficiency in these regions.


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