This paper introduces agricultural catastrophe and its characteristics, and conducts comparative analysis on existing mechanism of spreading agricultural catastrophe risk, indicating that the mechanism of administrative remedy has the greatest efficiency and highest cost; the mechanism of social assistance has the lowest cost, but its efficiency is lowest and there are unstable factors; market mechanism, namely the insurance of agricultural catastrophe, is the rational choice of agricultural department in mechanism of risk spreading. This paper analyzes the status quo of China’s insurance of agricultural catastrophe, indicating that the main body of management in China’s insurance of agricultural catastrophe is missing. In addition, the market demand is critically scanty, and insurance of agricultural catastrophe lacks external development environment. The gap of China’s insurance law of agricultural catastrophe has become the greatest obstacle to the development of insurance of agricultural catastrophe. From legislative purpose, basic principle, nature, main body of legal relations, management range, policy support, supervision and management and so on, the legislation conception of China’s insurance of agricultural catastrophe is put forward.


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