Based on the brief description of the developmental status of social economy in Jiangsu Province, the index system including 16 indices contained in 5 subsystems is established according to the statistics from Jiangsu Statistical Yearbook-2009, the practical situation of Jiangsu Province and the connotation of circular economy. The developmental trends of circular economy of 13 prefecture-level cities in Jiangsu Province is comprehensively evaluated by using the improved extreme value treatment, analytic hierarchy process(AHP), comprehensive evaluation of herdsman and comprehensive evaluation model of grey multi-level. The results show that the developmental level of circular economy in Jiangsu Province varies hugely in different areas, the difference of the comprehensive score between the crest value and minimum value is 0.29. In the end, in view of the problems in the development of circular economy, the countermeasures and suggestions on establishing and improving the management of circular economy, the operation and supervision mechanism; accelerating the industrial transformation and intensifying resource saving and comprehensive use of resource.


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