Based on the scope economic theory of “resource curse” and industrial clusters, the scale of sugar cluster is calculated by the outputs of sugarcane and sugar while the scale benefit of sugar cluster is measured by the productivity ( rate of sugar production), sales output ratio, industrial output value as well as profit margin. Positive analysis of the scale merit of sugar clusters in resource-rich area of southwestern Guangxi is conducted according to related statistics of Chongzuo City. And the primary problems of sugar clusters are pointed out. The profit created by sugar for the sugar industry in Chongzuo City has already been near capacity. The sugar industry is big but not strong. With much governmental interfernce, there is no effective connections and inadequte competitive forces among subjects of the clusters. The extention of industrial chain is limited. Therefore, measures for developing sugar clusters in resource-rich area of southwestern Guangxi are proposed. Industrial structure is to be adjusted to improve the sugarcane cultivation techniques. The industrial chain should be extended to increase the economic benefits of sugar industry. Industrial support is to be strengthened and capital output for sicence and technology increased. Price regualtion fund of grain sugar is to be established with coordination with the superior region. The transforming speed of savings to investment should be quickened to evade “resource curse”.


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