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According to the investigation data from 81 edible agricultural products enterprises in Sichuan Province, the influence factors of establishing quality tracing system are empirically analyzed from four aspects, including the enterprise features, the attitudes of operators, management and market competition by using the Logistic model. The results show that the enterprise can establish the quality tracing system after the comprehensive function of a series of internal and external factors. The four factors include peer pressure; age of enterprise; export and the expectation on improving economic interests have the biggest impact on enterprise to establish the quality tracing system. The factors, including the quality safety certificate obtained by the enterprises, export of products, sampling frequency, peer pressure, the pressure from consumers and media, the expectation on improving the competition of products, the expectation on improving economic interests, play a promotion role in helping enterprises to establish quality tracing system. The countermeasures and suggestion are put forward from strengthening the social responsibility of enterprises; intensifying the law enforcement of government and expanding the experimental enterprises with the quality tracing system.


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