Several old problems in the new countryside construction at present are analyzed. For instance the land transfer mechanism is not flexible, land problems have restricted the development of agricultural industrialization; farmers still have serious problems in income increase and lack the rational investment and consumption awareness; farmers receive low level of education and their cultural qualities are general poor; for a long time, legalization and democratization process of rural grass-roots organizations has been lagged behind. Causations for problems in the new countryside construction are various, such as lacking the subject consciousness, a long-term mechanism, industrial support and capital input. Finally, several new ideas about the construction of socialist new countryside are put forward, including speeding up the development of modern agriculture and doing everything possible to increase the income of farmers; paying attention to the development of civilized villages and towns and doing everything possible to enrich the knowledge of farmers; accelerating the establishment of long-term mechanism and gathering the ideas of farmers to the maximum extent; fully integrating project funds and constructing the socialist new countryside.


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