Taking Chongzuo City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as an example, the employment effect in the resource-abundant industrial cluster in southwestern Guangxi Province is analyzed according to the data from the Chongzuo Statistical Yearbook , Guangxi Statistical Yearbook from 2003 to 2008 and the data from the relevant sections of Chongzuo City, and the four employment effects of industrial cluster——the spatial expansion effect of employment chain, optimizing effect of employment structure, the multiplier effect of employment absorption and the effect of improving the quality of labors and the degree of the intensity of employment and location quotient of employment. Results show that the employment absorption of sugar industry in Chongzuo City is stable and upward slightly, and shows strong employment effect; the sugar industry in Chongzuo is not only competitive, but also has a great share of market in employment, so it shows strong absorption of employment. The countermeasures for improving the employment level of resource-abundant and industrial cluster in southwest of Guangxi Province are put forward, including elongating industrial chain and widening employment space; strengthen various kinds of formal and informal training to improve the employment capability of laborers; laying stress on industrial structure and optimize the employment structure; strengthening the construction of the industrial economic zone towards ASEAN(Association of Southeast Asian Nations), and fully displaying the regional advantages of the offshore border.


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