In this paper, estimates of the impacts of various factors on the refrigerated OJ sales in Wal-Mart (WM) stores are presented. Data on WM stores, as well as grocery stores doing $2 million or greater annual business, across 52 Nielsen city markets (including the remaining U.S.) were studied. Since WM does not have stores in San Diego, this market was omitted. Weekly data for each city from week ending 3/11/06 through 3/01/08 (104 weeks) were included in the analysis. The relationship between WM refrigerated OJ dollar sales per store and 1) WM and $2million store prices, $2 million store promotions, a dummy variable to test whether sales may spike during periods when some consumers receive their paychecks (middle or end of the month), the number of same and new WM stores in the city, and seasonality variables, were studied.


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