On the basis of the introduction of the connotation of agricultural industrialized cluster, the thesis introduces the competitive advantages of agricultural industrialized cluster as follows: firstly, it makes the cluster of agricultural production factors gather and curtails the agricultural production costs; secondly it enhances the innovation abilities of industries; thirdly it improves the urbanization level of rural areas and increases farmers’ income. The thesis also analyzes the status quo of agricultural industrialized cluster, points out the advantages of resources, cost, location and so on, and discuses the existing problems of the industrialized cluster in Henan province as follows: firstly, the scale of agricultural industrialized cluster is small and the industrialized chain is short; secondly, there is a shortage of leading enterprises, and the radiating effect within industrialized cluster is not prominent; thirdly, the organization degree of agricultural industrialized cluster is weak, lacking scientific innovation ability. In order to solve the existing problems, the corresponding countermeasures are put forward as follows: firstly, take the market as the orientation, strengthen the policies formulation and accelerate the development of industrialized cluster in Henan by leaps and bounds; secondly, choose suitable developing models of agricultural industrialized cluster.


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