Through the initial selection, screening and simplification, a set of performance appraisal system of logistic distribution suited to fresh agricultural products is established. In the process of establishing the appraisal indicator, the representative appraisal indicator of logistic distribution of fresh agricultural products is further obtained by delivering experts’ survey and applying the ABC screening system. The distribution costs, transportation and service level belong to the first level indicator; packing fees, distribution processing fees, full-load ratio, haulage capacity, customer satisfaction and the strain capability of delivery personnel belong to second level indicator. At the same time, the weighing of each indicator is determined. The quantification is conducted on indicators. The qualitative indicators applies ten-point system and then coverts these indicators into percentage, that is the number between [0,1];as for the quantitative indicators, they are concluded to the interval [0,1] according to the actual value range of the indicators and by applying the grade of membership in the vague mathematics. Through the analyses of the advantages and disadvantages of the frequently used performance evaluation method and its applicable conditions, the comprehensive evaluation of logistic distribution of agricultural products obtained by using the method of fuzzy comprehensive appraisal. The results show that, in terms of reducing distribution costs, the packaging and distribution processing technology of fresh agricultural products should be improved, so as to reduce distribution costs. In the process of introducing the application of advanced technology, the high automatic logistic equipments should be introduced.


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