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The present work aimed at the analysis of the influences of the sucession in board of directors in the continuity of the strategies of an agricultural cooperative. It is a quantitative research work, particularly, a study case in which the data were collected and analyzed on a documents and personal interview basis. The results showed that in the political articulations involved in the electoral campaign , both slates made use of formal and informal tactics in addition to a true arsenal of political marketing, the slate of opposition faring victory . The close political dispute between the two slates left traumatic reflexes on all involved in the process ( members of the winning and losing slates , employees and cooperates) Political and ideological divergences among the members of the present board of directors and the previous managers caused a discontinuity in some strategies formulated and implemented in the previous one which sought to imprint both efficiency and competitiveness to the cooperative. It was found in such cases that the influence of the change in the administration was negative. Political and electoral interests over the cooperative’s real economical and entrepreneurial ones may be presented as the main motives to account for the discontinuity of the strategies of the cooperative investigated.


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