The developmental situation of the farming system in Shandong Province is introduced. At present, Shandong Province is at the semi-intensive, semi-commercial and semi-sufficiency level of farming system. Eastern coast and central Shandong agricultural zones are moving in the direction of modern farming system, having formed a preliminary new pattern of the coordinated development of grain, feedstuff, economic and other crops. Influencing factors on the development of farming system in Shandong Province is analyzed, which are agricultural production condition and input level, population and food, policy measures, development of natural resources and regions, agricultural industrialization and urbanization level, and scientific and technological level. Total population will be within 1 00 million at the year 2020; per capita annual share of grain will be 475 kilograms; and there is great pressure on grain production. Therefore, we must change the pattern of agricultural development and accelerate the establishment of modern farming system. Agricultural machinery, water conservancy projects, and chemical fertilizer application have greatly affected the development of farming system. Improvement of production conditions has promoted the adjustment of agricultural structure, increased the planting ratio of winter wheat-summer maize, and improved multiple-cropping index. Development of agricultural industrialization has promoted the transfer of rural labor force and the establishment of modern farming system; while the unbalanced development of cities has restricted the establishment of modern farming system. Therefore, the appropriate policy, scientific and rational regional distribution, and advanced science and technology can help to set up the modern farming system in Shandong Province.


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