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After the analysis on the consumption changes of rural residents in Shanxi Province during the 30 years since the reform and opening up, it indicates that, their consumption scale has been expanding, the consumption level have been greatly promoted, the consumption structure has been gradually becoming reasonable and the consumption quality have been obviously improved. An analysis is also conducted on the influencing factors constraining the consumption demand of rural residents, mainly including the farmers’ lack of capacity to increase income and inadequate support for consumption; heavy burdens on farmers and instable income expectation; bad consumption environment and increasing constraints on consumption demand; less consumption goods suitable for farmers; unsound security system which affects the immediate consumption of farmers; backward consumption concept which restricts the improvement of consumption level. At last some corresponding countermeasures and suggestions are proposed, namely, maintaining the constant income growth of farmers so as to improve their purchasing power; establishing modern circulation network in rural areas so as to ensure a smooth channel for commodity market; enhancing the rural infrastructure construction so as to improve the consumption environment of rural residents; producing marketable commodities so as to meet rural market demand; perfecting social security system so as to improve the consumer tendency of farmers.


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