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Add your thesis or dissertation to AgEcon Search

If you graduated before digitized theses and dissertations were added to local online repositories, we invite you to submit yours to AgEcon Search.

Authors hold the copyright for theses and dissertations, so even if you deposited a copy with University Microfilm (UMI), you are still free to put a copy in AgEcon Search.

Benefits to you:

As an internationally recognized home for applied economics literature, AgEcon Search content is highly ranked by search engines such as Google, and all content is indexed by RePEc (Research Papers in Economics). This greatly increases exposure to early research that is otherwise very difficult to locate.

Choose one of these methods:

1) E-mail us a PDF version and we will upload it free of charge.
   a) Scan your paper copy, save it as a PDF, and e-mail it to us at
   b) Complete the AgEcon Search Deposit Form.


2) Donate a minimum of $25 to the AgEcon Search Special Purpose Fund at the AAEA Trust, and we will obtain a copy and scan the paper for you.
   a) Donate to the AgEcon Search Special Purpose Fund on the AAEA Trust web site, either online or using the printable form.
   b) E-mail us at to let us know, and we will locate a copy of your thesis or dissertation, scan it, and upload it to AgEcon Search.
   c) Complete the AgEcon Search Deposit Form.

The Deposit Form may be filled in online. To deliver it to AgEcon Search, please either:
  - scan and e-mail to
  - fax it to 612-625-6245, or
  - mail it to Waite Library, 1994 Buford Avenue, 232 Ruttan Hall, St. Paul MN 55108

Questions? Contact the AgEcon Search coordinators at or 612-625-1705

Thank you for considering making your thesis and/or dissertation freely available.



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