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Submitting to AgEcon Search

To submit to the new version of AgEcon Search, you will need to "register" as a submitter, and give yourself a userID and a password. Instructions for registering may be found on the AgEcon Search home page, or you may go directly to

  1. To go to the submission page, either click on the "Submit your paper" link on the main AgEcon Search page, or go directly to
    Screenshot of Log In to AgEcon Search page

  2. After signing in, you will be asked to choose the "collection" to which you would like to submit.

    Screenshot of Choose Collection screen

    When you click on the collection you want, you will be taken to a license, which states that the copyright holder retains all of their rights, but allows the work to be distributed by AgEcon Search. Select Screenshot of Grant the License button

  3. The next screen asks you to "Describe This Item". Required fields are author, title, date, and type of publications.

    A new feature in this version of AgEcon Search is the opportunity to select one or more broad categories which apply to the paper.
    Screenshot of Categories

  4. The next screen asks you to point to the file to be uploaded. At this time, all files should be in PDF format.
    Screenshot of Upload a File screen

  5. Your upload is confirmed by the following message:
    Screenshot of Confirmation Message

  6. After viewing the "Verify Submission" page, hitting "Next" will put your document in the queue to be added to AgEcon Search, and you will get a message confirming that your document has been received.

Questions? Comments? Please contact us at or call 612-625-1705.

Thank you.

Linda Eells
Julie Kelly
Coordinators, AgEcon Search


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