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Situation and trends in the sector of un/employment of workforce are conditioned primarily by global trends, but they also express the content of economic and political m [...]
25 March 2015 | Journal Article |
Macedonian agriculture has received substantial donor support in the past two decades. Now, when most of those donor projects are completed, this paper looks at what have [...]
25 March 2015 | Journal Article |
Regarding transgenic plants growth and food derived from genetically modified organisms (GMO) there is a large disagreement about its environmental and health adverse eff [...]
30 September 2015 | Journal Article |
Fast technological development in social media offers many opportunities for companies in order to have better connection with their customers. Traditional tools become l [...]
25 June 2015 | Journal Article |
The paper examines the problem of global integration processes in regions of Africa, Asia and Russia. Based on migration flows, estimation of integration indexes, we inve [...]
25 March 2015 | Journal Article |
The financial position is determined by the state of financial balance, indebtedness, solvency, maintaining the real value of the capital and reproductive capacity. The c [...]
25 March 2015 | Journal Article |
The subject of the analysis is the importance of new education policy of Republic of Serbia, as one of the key factors for economic development, whose dynamics depends on [...]
25 March 2015 | Journal Article |
Today, globally operating business world is exposed to constant change processes. Reengineering is the driving force that helps companies, business and manufacturing orga [...]
25 March 2015 | Journal Article |
Every field of people’s conscientious act require making corresponding decisions. Since making right and timely decisions requires certain information, that can also be [...]
25 March 2015 | Journal Article |