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The objective of this paper is to evaluate the role of the Appellation of Origin system on the international wine market, given i) the Geographic Indications internationa [...]
2007 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The Appellation of Origin system is aimed at reducing consumer's information costs, assuring a minimum quality standard and wine typicity, as well as maintaining a divers [...]
2006 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The Italian fishery supply chain is highly fragmented and lacking in organization; consequently most firms experience high operating costs, low sale prices and limited pr [...]
12 August 2012 | Journal Article |
The Fruit and Vegetables (FV) sector has a relevant and increasing economic value in the EU, accounting for about 20% of the total value of agricultural production; the C [...]
2009 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This paper analyzes habits and motivations behind wine consumption in Italy and focuses on the attributes affecting wine choice, through interviews and a choice experimen [...]
2008 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The objective of this paper is to provide a focused analysis of the competitiveness of fruit and vegetable exports of some south Mediterranean countries (Egypt and Morocc [...]
2012 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The game of chess between EU and US (TTIP) for the wine sector revolves around two main issues on which the negotiating partners are divided. The first regards the recogn [...]
2015-04 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Political and economic changes over the last ten years have intensified agri-food trade among Mediterranean countries. This paper aims to examine the exchanges between It [...]
2007 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Las denominaciones de origen han recibido en la literatura académica una mínima y, sospechosamente, inocua consideración, lo cual sorprende, dado el uso intensivo de l [...]
2002 | Journal Article |
The EU policy on voluntary food labeling emphasizes the geographical origin of the products. Specialty products from a given area (e.g., wine) benefit from a reputation [...]
2003-11 | Journal Article |