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This paper reports on a review of literature in the form of academic papers and published research on ethical and consumer issues for GM crops in North America, with part [...]
2007 | Working or Discussion Paper |
We assess Canadian’s risk perceptions for genetically modified (GM) food and probe influences of socio-economic, demographic and other factors impinging on these percep [...]
2005 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This paper distinguishes between two types of ethical Problems. A Type I ethical problem is one in which there is no consensus as to what is ethical. A Type II ethical pr [...]
2002 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Interviews with Missouri corn and soybean farmers reveal what farmers feel are the most important ethical challenges in agriculture. In contrast to the literature, which [...]
2003 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The majority of potato farming in Canada occurs in tightly clustered geographic locations and requires substantial chemical inputs. The possibility of pesticide drift, p [...]
2004 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Consumers' attitudes to genetically modified (GM) food ingredients and their reactions to and preferences for labeling of GM food are topical issues for Canadian food pol [...]
2004 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Previous research studies directed at the influence of information on consumers' preferences and choices of food in the context of genetically modified (GM) food assume t [...]
2006 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Perceptions of genetically modified (GM) and organic food among North Dakota college students were elicited and compared. Participants responded to one of two survey ins [...]
2005 | Report |
Public wariness of genetically modified (GM) foods has led many nations to develop labelling policies for foods derived from modern agricultural biotechnology. In most ca [...]
15 November 2003 | Journal Article |