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United Arab Emirates (UAE) witnessed a progress of growth booming since its establishment, which as result puched all economic componets to indicated a active movement in [...]
English | 2017 | Journal Article |
Domestically produced poultry products in United Arab Emirates (UAE) are mostly marketed fresh. The objective of this research was to analyze the economic performance of [...]
2015-03 | Journal Article |
Organic food consumption is increasing among United Arab Emirates (UAE) consumers in the last few years. This increase is due to high per capita income, more awareness on [...]
2015-03 | Journal Article |
The paper examined the pricing efficiency of exportable fresh vegetables markets in Bangladesh and its export markets by using Engle-Granger (EG) test, Cointegration Regr [...]
31 December 2009 | Journal Article |
This study analyzes consumers’ attitudes and perceptions of food safety in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The study hypothesized that different ethnic groups perceive [...]
2010-07 | Journal Article |
This paper provides an analysis on structure of export and competitiveness of Pakistan’s basmati rice over the period 1987-88 to 2011-12 by using revealed comparative a [...]
2014-04 | Journal Article |
Abstract This study is to measure competitiveness and its effect on the quantity of Saudi exports of dates in the international market between 1990- 2011. In order to mea [...]
06 February 2016 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The study was initiated with the objectives of elucidating and analyzing potentials, weaknesses, opportunities, constraints and policy options in the development of feed [...]
2005 | Report |
The paper aims at evaluating the determinants of agricultural bilateral trade flows of Egypt with the Arab countries. A gravity model has been used in addition to some ot [...]
2014-01 | Journal Article |
The study investigates the pattern, trends, competitiveness, and determinants of the export of dairy products from India—the world’s largest milk producer. Data show [...]
2014-12 | Journal Article |