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Nowadays the sport related civic organizations form a special segment within the civic sector. In particular, the current situation of these organizations – who are ope [...]
English | 2017 | Journal Article |
In Hungary, with respect to the organizational issues associated with sports, there has occurred the demand for clarifying structural forms. The domestic development of s [...]
26 March 2015 | Journal Article |
The importance of nonprofit, and inside classic civic sector is usually approached on the basis of figures of the Statistical Office. Based on these, we may assume these [...]
2013 | Journal Article |
Az Észak-magyarországi Régió 2013-ban 40 várossal rendelkezik, ezzel hazánkban a második legvárosodottabb régiója. Hazánk városállományából a régió 12%- [...]
2014 | Journal Article |
The role of the time factor in management is increasing. Change directs attention to the time factor from the point of view of the organisation, and management does the s [...]
2009 | Journal Article |
The study investigates new strategies of football clubs in function of last few years’ trends in European football leagues. There were many changes in international pro [...]
15 March 2015 | Journal Article |
Az Észak-alföldi Régióban – köszönhetően Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg megyének – összesen 60 vállalkozás, szövetkezet, betéti társaság, kft. és rt. foglalk [...]
2011-04 | Journal Article |
For almost three decades now that the operation of groups and teams became highlighted by scientific examinations and widespread acknowledged leverage for improving corpo [...]
2009 | Journal Article |
Napjainkban egyre sűrűsödnek a természeti katasztrófák, mind a világon és hazánkban is. Kutatásunk során, hazánkban először kezdtünk foglalkozni a katasztr [...]
2011 | Journal Article |
Today, the non-profit sector, and especially the role of civil organizations, has become significant in society. In Hungary there has been a large development in the past [...]
04 April 2013 | Journal Article |