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Subsequent to the experience with the international aid programmes of the 1990’s, from the very beginning of the accession negotiations and since 2004 in particular, th [...]
English | 2017 | Journal Article |
This paper studies cross-border intellectual property rights (IPR) as a North-South contract using a Nash bargaining approach and distinguishes between the outcome and it [...]
2012-04 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The article offers a territorial analysis of funds acquired by Polish agricultural holdings in the years 2004-2006 via direct payments and through participation in measur [...]
2010-09 | Journal Article |
In high technology markets, the development of new products has received widespread interest among marketing and management scholars. Popular wisdom suggests that a consu [...]
01 September 2011 | Journal Article |
This paper investigates sources and determinants of agricultural growth in Africa, concentrating on the growth path during the last three decades. The analysis employs th [...]
2008-11 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
A mobilisation of research, knowledge transfer and innovation to deal with the current challenges as raising world food demand while protecting natural resources is a pri [...]
2013 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The main objective of this study is to answer the question of how farmers’ networking behaviour and their ability to acquire, assimilate, transform and exploit external [...]
01 September 2012 | Journal Article |
The paper analyzes the basis of forest carbon trade including me feasibility of carbon absorption trade, main body, platform and standard. The purposes of capital of carb [...]
2011-05 | Journal Article |
The concept of Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development (SARD) is based on resources effective usage that brings strengthen social cohesion of rural regions. Sustai [...]
2009-12 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Land reform is a key aspect of social and economic development in South Africa, both as a way of redressing past injustice and addressing the problem of poverty in the co [...]
2016-05 | Thesis/ Dissertation |