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To study the basic characteristics of impulsive household, economists use probabilistic different models, These models are stylized and lack many details. Despite the fac [...]
31 December 2015 | Journal Article |
According to rational choice theory, rational consumers tend to maximize utility under a given budget constraints. This will be achieved if they choose a combination of g [...]
25 March 2015 | Journal Article |
The purpose of this paper is to develop a generic hotel enterprise framework for operating business processes. That framework will encourage hotel and lodging enterprises [...]
31 December 2015 | Journal Article |
The purpose of this paper is pointing out the relevance of outsourcing of business process project and strategic option for improving enterprise efficiency and realizing [...]
30 September 2015 | Journal Article |
This paper addresses the issue of rationality of responses in contingent valuation. We found a significant portion of respondents stated a positive willingness-to-pay for [...]
2002 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
As contemporary tourism moves increasingly towards adopting an experience economy, tourist experience based on intangible cultural heritage is becoming the important elem [...]
25 June 2015 | Journal Article |
The purpose of this paper is to analyse the economic indicators of sustainable development of spas in Serbia. The paper starts from the newest division of sustainable dev [...]
30 September 2015 | Journal Article |
This paper investigates the effects of irrational responses on stated willingness-to-pay (WTP) in a contingent valuation study. A significant portion of the respondents [...]
2003 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |