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Significant transformation processes have been taking place on rural areas, especially those close to big cities. Some communes, which are still described as rural ones, [...]
2015-10 | Journal Article |
Suburban areas are connected to central cities by many complex social and economic relations. Labour market, especially commuting, is one of a such dimension. The aim of [...]
2014 | Journal Article |
Knowledge as a „universal substitute” has become a fundamental resource in the modern economy. Knowledge is also important in the development of agriculture, food eco [...]
2014 | Journal Article |
Multifunctional rural areas, multifunctional agriculture and multifunctional farms deliver many various marketable and non-marketable goods for society (including public [...]
2014-06 | Journal Article |
This paper, firstly, identifies the scale and spatial differentiation of registered female unemployment in rural areas of Poland, defined according to the new Degree of U [...]
2014-04 | Journal Article |
The annual and monthly variation in retail prices of 10 cut flowers in Warsaw florists have been analyzed. It has been shown significant price differentials between speci [...]
2015-02 | Journal Article |
The paper presents statistical and spatial analysis of ageing of rural population in Mazovian Voivodship. The analysis using population statistics from the Central Statis [...]
English | 2017 | Journal Article |
The aim of paper was to show the challenges which arise in the EU market for Polish exporters of agricultural and food products. Results of survey executed among 30 expor [...]
2009-09 | Journal Article |
The aim of this study was to analyse certain aspects of ethnocentric behaviour of vegetable purchasers in Warsaw. The research, in the form of a survey, was carried out a [...]
2016 | Journal Article |