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"The joint venture", which means investment, is one of the most common forms of strategic partnerships and companies, as it is shown in the stated study, is a kind of par [...]
30 September 2015 | Journal Article |
Agricultural cooperatives are participating in mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances, and joint ventures at a record pace. While post-post merger performance has be [...]
2001 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
A recent merger "wave" has occurred within the economy, including the agricultural sector. Some research has been conducted on publicly traded companies, but there is li [...]
2000 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In this paper, the authors are addressing the issue of family – work balance, as well as the connection between this phenomenon and working from home. The basic, initia [...]
25 June 2015 | Journal Article |
This study emphasizes the need for managers to promptly and effectively respond to changing business environment. Also, special review on limiting factors in the activiti [...]
25 June 2015 | Journal Article |
Since climate changes have caused significant problems in the functioning of the modern world, human society and economics at the global level, it is inevitable to take a [...]
25 June 2015 | Journal Article |
As wages are the primary means of income for the majority of people in every country in the world, understanding the reasons for differences in wages is important for hum [...]
25 March 2015 | Journal Article |
The development of modern industry and the system of factory work, together with a large migration of people across oceans and continents, especially during the nineteent [...]
25 March 2015 | Journal Article |
Every field of people’s conscientious act require making corresponding decisions. Since making right and timely decisions requires certain information, that can also be [...]
25 March 2015 | Journal Article |