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The paper compares the possibilities of supporting tourism projects (agro-tourism and rural tourism) under the Rural Development Programs in 2007-2013 and 2014-2020. More [...]
2014 | Journal Article |
The target of the research was to determine selected attitudes of consumers residing in Central Pomerania within the scope of tourism in rural areas of the said region. C [...]
2015-06 | Journal Article |
The aim of the paper was to present different functions of rural tourism and agrotourism as well as their effects on the socio-economic progress in Płaska commune includ [...]
2015-08 | Journal Article |
The aim of this study was to assess the economic efficiency of the investments carried out in selected farms, which were co-financed from EU funds. Analyzed investments m [...]
2015-06 | Journal Article |
The article presents the economic conditions of development of rural tourism, including agritourism. Empirical studies were conducted, covering a population of 42 service [...]
2015-06 | Journal Article |
The study analyzed 121 Action under RDP 2007-2013 with the task ultimately support the implementation of the modernization process of technical facilities on farms. In or [...]
2014 | Journal Article |
The study consisted of 70 farms belonging to the county of Siedlce, where the research was conducted through a questionnaire interviewon the use of structural funds and a [...]
2015-02 | Journal Article |
The paper analyzes the issue of raising funds for investment in the Małopolska Province, within the framework of the Rural Development Programme for the years 2007-2013. [...]
2014 | Journal Article |