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The mortgage of land contract management rights has launched a pilot project in Ningxia, Hubei, Henan, Guizhou, Chongqing and other provinces, municipalities and autonomo [...]
2013-09 | Journal Article |
Based on the background of national urban and rural comprehensive reform pilot area, the introduction of the profiles of research region and the data obtained by on-the-s [...]
2010-04 | Journal Article |
Current status of the mortgage financing of forest rights is introduced. Significance of the development of mortgage financing of rural forest rights is analyzed, indicat [...]
2011-05 | Journal Article |
Rural families pay more on average for mortgage financing than do urban families. While the $2 million estimated annual efficiency cost is too low to justify policy actio [...]
1998 | Report |
In recent years, a series of pilot projects in mortgage of farmland contractual management right have been carried out in some regions. However, there is considerable dis [...]
2013-04 | Journal Article |
This paper evaluates the efficacy of two alternative lending technologies - the traditional banking technology and a cash flow based counseling program - by using competi [...]
2002 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Location efficient mortgages (LEM) programs are an increasingly popular approach to combating urban sprawl. LEMs allow families who want to live in densely-populated, tra [...]
1999 | Working or Discussion Paper |
By adopting archival analysis method and investigation method, this paper expounds the relationship between “three rights” mortgage and farmers' financing in rural ar [...]
2011-05 | Journal Article |
In the process of establishing the unified market of construction land between city and countryside, both of the market mechanism and the government mechanism are indispe [...]
2015-05 | Journal Article |
A model to value Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (Farmer Mac) agricultural mortgage-backed securities (AMBS) is developed and numerically solved. The results s [...]
2001-12 | Journal Article |