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Undeveloped economies are dealing with very big issues such as low or null economic growth, higher rates of unemployment, high index of migration and millions of people l [...]
24 March 2012 | Journal Article |
The prickly pear is a product with origin in Latin America and that was led by the conquerors to other continents that were eligible for cultivation. Mexico has the highe [...]
2015-03 | Journal Article |
The vegetable “nopal” production or “nopalitos” is distinctive on the Mexican diet due to its nurturing and medicinal properties, mainly in Texcoco, State of Mexi [...]
21 August 2012 | Journal Article |
The present research was made in the producer's organization named Fishing and Aquaculture production of goods and aquaculture services of the High Rivera S.C. of R.L. in [...]
24 March 2011 | Journal Article |
Production rentability was evaluated under greenhouse conditions in the “Agronegocio SPR de RL, El Sureño Invernaderos” located in the community of “El Carpintero [...]
15 September 2015 | Journal Article |
The profitability of production of pejelagarto (Atractosteus tropicus) was evaluated in two types of cultivation, in captivity conditions and in captivity conditions in a [...]
21 August 2011 | Journal Article |
This research project was carried out so as to know the channels and margins of commercialization of the manzano chilli in the Estado de México. The research method cons [...]
15 September 2015 | Journal Article |
The Cobb-Douglas production function is most frequently mentioned in texts of Economic Theory and cubic production function proposed here is more convenient to show evide [...]
15 September 2015 | Journal Article |
El princciapl objetivo de este trabajo es el analisis del impacto sobre el mercado laboral pesquero andaluz en referencia a la flota pesquera afectada por la no renovacio [...]
2013 | Journal Article |
This work of investigation comprises of a project ampler than it must by objective identify and take advantage of the real possibilities to combine the resources by remit [...]
24 March 2010 | Journal Article |