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We experimentally test the impact of expanding access to basic bank accounts in Uganda, Malawi, and Chile. Over two years, 17%, 10%, and 3% of treatment individuals made [...]
2016-07 | Working or Discussion Paper |
We examine the generalizability of internally valid estimates of causal effects in a fixed population over time when that population is subject to aggregate shocks. This [...]
2016-07 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Insurgency and guerrilla warfare impose enormous socio-economic costs and often persist for decades. The opacity of such forms of conflict is often an obstacle to effecti [...]
2016-05 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Group liability in microcredit purports to improve repayment rates through peer screening, monitoring, and enforcement. However, it may create excessive pressure, and di [...]
2009-05 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Changes in trade institutions, such as the abolishment of tariff barriers, have a potentially strong impact on economic development. The Zollverein, the 1834 customs unio [...]
2008-12 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In this paper we estimate production functions for cognition and health throughout four stages of childhood from 5-15 years of age using two cohorts of children drawn fro [...]
2015-11 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Should agricultural development programs target women in order to increase productivity? This paper reviews the extensive literature on men’s and women’s relative pr [...]
2015-11 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Does the exercise of the right of self-determination lead to inefficiency? This paper considers a set of centrally planned municipal mergers during the Meiji period, with [...]
2015-08 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Economists have long neglected study of an important contractual decision, a firm’s choice of legal form. Enterprise form shapes the relations among a firm’s owners a [...]
2015-07 | Working or Discussion Paper |
We evaluate, using a randomized trial, two school-based financial literacy education programs in government-run primary and junior high schools in Ghana. One program inte [...]
2015-04 | Working or Discussion Paper |

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