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In this paper I review the theories of induced technical and institutional change. I discuss the sources of the demand and supply of institutional innovation. The sources [...]
2008 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This study examines the causal relationship between tourism expansion, economic growth and poverty for the Nicaraguan economy. Using co-integration and causality tests, t [...]
2007 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The average net farm income was $171,925 for the 38 farms included in the 2006 annual report of the Southeastern Minnesota Farm Business Management Association, an increa [...]
2007 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This report is a summary of the data contained on the farmland sales portion of the Minnesota Land Economics (MLE) web site ( ) as of May 30, [...]
2007 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The University of Minnesota Extension Service used program business plans, an effective tool in other sectors, to improve integration among campus-based state specialists [...]
2007 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This report addresses problems of statistical measurement in state revenue forecasting and impact assessment. Both personal income and state tax and other general revenue [...]
1981 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Recent research shows initial colonization of potato fields by winged green peach aphid is concentrated at field edges. This suggests that insecticides applied only to f [...]
2004 | Working or Discussion Paper |
An experimental training program for extension agents brought agents and specialists into daily contact for eighteen months, enabling them to share information about thei [...]
1992 | Working or Discussion Paper |

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