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As public funding for Cooperative Extension declines, the continuation of many programs and events depends on new funding. This Note explores five cost recovery options: [...]
2012 | Working or Discussion Paper |
If your program team is exploring user fees, this Note describes the process for setting practical fees for an educational event.
2012 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This Note gives a quick overview of eight Extension Economics Notes and a related staff paper. It has a direct link to each Note.
2012 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This Note describes five best practices for program leaders and/or supervisors of Extension field specialists on helping new field specialists achieve the benefits of spe [...]
2013-05 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This Note describes ten guidelines for using the program business planning process to achieve a successful transition in a new regional delivery model. The process is sim [...]
2011 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Travel costs are unique when included in user fees because of Extension’s promise to provide equal access throughout the state. This Note explores this issue and severa [...]
26 July 2012 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In this Note I explore the factors which influence the demand side of program participation, or the willingness to pay (WTP). The WTP estimates can help you determine how [...]
2012 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This Note explores in more detail whether your program has the characteristics that make it a good candidate for charging user fees or not. Some of the common questions t [...]
2012 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This Note describes a process for developing a two page cost recovery plan for an Extension program or event. The approach outlined here can be used by any program team, [...]
2013-05 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This Note first describes ways to estimate the costs of delivering an event. Second, the note describes the costs of developing programs and events and ways to reduce the [...]
2012 | Working or Discussion Paper |

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