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The purpose of this 1966 Technical Note is to (1) condense instrwctions given in the Economics Guide,and Technical Releases, and (2) promote uniformity in the procedures [...]
1966 | Report |
This technical note and its attachments are issued in response to the request made by the States at the last Watershed Planning Meetings held October 25-26 and December 1 [...]
1967 | Report |
The purpose of this technical note is to update an earlier 1961 Memorandum, EWP-59, which had been cancelled, to provide planning staffs with a list of the types of data [...]
1967 | Report |
This Technical Note provides a guide for rounding numbers used in the agreement, narrative and tables of Watershed Work Plans and River Basin Reports. Rounded numbers imp [...]
1970 | Report |
1967 USDA-SCS Instructions: Staff and Planning Staff specialists concerned with planning watershed impoundment-type structures over or in the vicinity of mined-out areas [...]
1967 | Report |
The purpose of this Technical Note is to provide (1)interim future value adjustment factors for use in Preliminary and Watershed Investigation Reports, and (2) guidelines [...]
1970 | Report |

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