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The paper provides an overview of the institutional arrangements on the micro level that have evolved in the agro-food sector of Kazakhstan in the course of transition. E [...]
2009 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Agriculture plays an important part in Kazakhstan's self-image, and continues to be a significant economic sector, employing about a third of the workforce. In the two de [...]
2016 | Working or Discussion Paper |
With the goal of reducing the dependency on oil revenues, the Government of Kazakhstan has recently increased its budget allocations to prop up the domestic agricultural [...]
English | 2018 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This paper challenges the uselfullness of the cluster-based development strategy to diversify and increase the competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s economy, regarding the ca [...]
2010 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Mangelhafte Reformen in der Landwirtschaft Kasachstans am Anfang der Transformationsperiode sowie die Finanzkrise 1998 hatten stark negative Auswirkungen auf den Umfang u [...]
2011 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |

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